30.8.2016 Brand Union

New branding and strategy for Formula 1 hero.

Motivated by the devastating diagnosis of his wife Helen, Sir Jackie’s foundation, which launches today, is aimed at funding research towards a cure for dementia while also searching for preventative medicine. WPP’s global brand strategy and design agency, Brand Union, was appointed by Sir Jackie to develop a clear positioning; name and visual identity for the brand that would help him achieve his noble ambition. Building on Sir Jackie’s desire to fuel his project with the energy of Formula 1; Brand Union began by creating the name Race Against Dementia, bridging the gap between Sir Jackie’s past and the urgency of the charitable cause.


The second stage involved creating a bold brand identity that is memorable, disruptive and expresses the charity’s story. The new logo for the brand is the distillation of this identity: a deliberate and graphic fragmentation of the letter D that highlights the distortion and disorientation experienced by those suffering from dementia, whilst also harnessing the speed and thrill of motorsport.


Alongside this, Brand Union developed a visual language that will provide a foundation for the whole brand. This includes a custom-designed typeface (named ‘Helen’) created in partnership with font foundry Colophon, that expresses the visual fragmentation of the logo; a toolkit for photographic treatment using an archive of photos from Sir Jackie and Lady Helen’s life; and a direct and vibrant colour palette that picks up Sir Jackie’s Scottish Heritage and the colour of his cars, French Racing Blue.


Sir Jackie Stewart commented:
“This charity is incredibly close to my heart, and it’s my ambition to raise as much awareness around this debilitating condition as possible. Brand Union understood this from the offset and it’s this understanding that has resulted in a foundation people can engage with, relate to and understand. I hope through this initiative we’re able to fund the research that’s critical to finding a cure for dementia.”


Margot Hauer King, ‎Strategic Consultant at Brand Union:
“Working on a project that has the potential to change lives is a fantastic feeling. From our initial talks with Sir Jackie, we knew that this was something we wanted to be a part of. Drawing on his impressive past and hopes for the future, we have created a brand that embodies this initiative from font to logo, bringing the brand to life in this key period of its development.”