16.8.2010 Design Army

New graphic identity for the Virginia Film festival

Virginia Film Festival Director Jody Kielbasa today unveiled a new graphic identity for the festival during a special event at the Paramount Theater. 


The new logo, created by the Virginia-based Design Army, features an outline of the Commonwealth complemented by a color scheme, from top to bottom, of lighter to darker shades of blue and interspersed with a three filmstrips stretching across the image at slightly different angles. 


“While we are fortunate to attract special guests from throughout the industry and the world, our identity is uniquely tied to our community, to our state and to our region,” Kielbasa said. “Our location, and our affiliation with the University of Virginia, is in so many ways what sets us apart, and what makes us appealing to film lovers everywhere. We wanted to make sure to capture that visually, not only with the shape of the image but also with the filmstrips, which are an homage to the Blue Ridge Mountains, and speak to our being a destination festival as well.”