22.9.2015 Inhouse

New Opera brand identity.

Opera has evolved a lot since we started our journey as a browser company 20 years ago. Today, we serve over a billion internet users every month, between the 350 million people around the world experiencing the internet through our apps and services and the 1.1 billion people we reach through Opera Mediaworks.


The cornerstone of Opera’s new brand identity is our redesigned logo. It still preserves the good ol’, familiar red “O”. But, just as our products are about more than technology, the new logo stands for more than the first letter of our company name.


We envision Opera’s new logo as a portal quickly connecting you with what you’re looking for on the web. The 3-dimensional “O” symbolizes a gateway that leads you to more: more content, more discoveries, more answers, more communication, more fun, more data savings, more of life – whatever you seek online, Opera helps you do more!


With the extended Opera family and our ever-expanding range of products and services, we feel we’ve grown beyond the bounds of a software company. Today, we see Opera more as an internet company providing great experiences online. To reflect this, we have dropped the “Software” from our logo.