20.9.2018 Wolff Olins

New Uber Corporate Identity.

Uber went from a startup connecting riders and drivers to a global mobility platform in eight short years. Having embraced new and future modes of transportation—from bikes, to tuk-tuks, to flying cars, it needed a holistic brand system to accommodate them all.


Uber operates in 660+ cities globally. The brand needed to work around the world. Its highest growth areas are in regions outside of the US, such as Latin America and India, where Wolff Olins has a considerable depth of experience. Instead of pursuing a complex identity system, localized through color and pattern, we moved towards a universal ‘beyond-simple’ global brand. Teams in diverse markets can make it relevant to their audiences with culturally specific content.


With a new wave of leadership at Uber came a renewed commitment to safety. So far, that safety focus has been product-driven. We knew the brand needed to speak equally to riders, drivers, and employees, so we took a step back and asked, “What does safety mean for different people at different times?” We introduced Safety Blue to the color palette. It’s unique to Uber and meant to be used sparingly to indicate important moments of support, care, or connection between the user and the brand.


The decentralized nature of Uber’s operations meant the company needed a system that could be easily implemented by a wide range of practitioners around the world in a broad spectrum of digital and physical applications. The system isn’t just for marketing designers, but for product teams, customer service, and beyond. Its success depends on how useful teams find it.


The brand launched in September 2018 and was covered by Fast Company and AdWeek. There are more details available on Uber’s own website too. We’re excited to see this out in the world!


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