29.3.2011 SomeOne

New visual identity for Eurostar

Our new branding You may have noticed that we have updated our branding to reflect the plans and ambitions for our business in the future.   The European high speed rail industry is going through major change. We are now operating in a deregulated open-access world and rail operators are looking to expand their services with new routes and destinations opening up across Europe.   When we began running services between the UK and the continent sixteen years ago, the default option for most passengers was to take a plane. Since then we have developed the high speed rail market and have become the first choice for passengers travelling between London and Paris/Brussels.   Expanding our service Over the last couple of years we have seen a big increase in the number of passengers choosing to connect through Lille, Brussels and Paris to other destinations. This has been driven by shorter journey times and the growing desire among customers to travel in an environmentally responsible, sustainable way.   Whereas in the past Eurostar was an unincorporated partnership of three railways our business was transformed last year into one single, corporate entity. We are no longer just operating in three markets – UK, France and Belgium. Our ambition is to broaden our reach and encourage customers to ditch the plane and travel further into Europe by high speed rail. Going forward we are looking to expand our horizons to the South of France, Germany and the Netherlands. To mark the start of this new chapter and signal the change within our business we have developed a new identity.   The new identity We gave this a lot of thought as we know how much our travellers like our logo.   We researched it extensively to ensure that it captures the key characteristics of Eurostar and creates an identity that signals the next phase of our business.   This new branding will be rolled out gradually over the coming weeks and months. You will first see the change on our website and on your tickets - then you will start to notice the new logo in our stations and on our trains. We hope you like these changes and look forward to welcoming you on board and taking you to a range of destinations across Europe.