23.4.2012 Hey

New visual identity for Film Commission Chile.

The Film Commission Chile was created to promote Chile as a movie production destination, to help choosing locations, to provide all kind of services and a link between government and private companies. 
FCCh’s visual identity is inspired in a precise artifact: the duct/gaffer tape. The tape is omnipresent in the world of movie production. Tapes unite, join, mark, hold, point, remind and help to work. Due to its flexibility, the lines and shape of the tape resemble the classic movie celluloid film. 
The image is drawn up in different directions, taking us to a dynamic universe that conceptually speaks about the FCCh linking mission.  
The variations in the color palette represent the diversity of landscapes we can find in the Chilean territory.  
All elements combined compose a unique image, with a well-defined personality, perfectly adapted to the conditions and objectives proposed by the FCCh.  
Creative Direction: Cristian Jofre
Art Direction: Hey

Von Hey