27.4.2018 Kurppa Hosk

New visual identity for Tink.

For the majority of people, managing, or even understanding finances brings a great deal of aversion. Unless you work within this realm, you are most likely to belong to the group of individuals that associates financial management with something unattractive, boring, time consuming and far too complex. On the other hand, this subject is also top of mind for everyone, and an area that is becoming all too important to ignore. Tink recognizes and understands the need for individuals to better understand and manage their finances with a service that respects their privacy, is easy to use, and helps them understand their money.


In response to the above, Tink commissioned Kurppa Hosk to help them. Side by side with Tink’s in-house team, Kurppa Hosk developed a new brand design and strategy that echoes the simplicity and intuitive smartness of the service. The brief was to manifest Tink’s ambition of bringing financial happiness to millions at all touchpoints. Kurppa Hosk went ahead to develop a streamlined look and feel that is atypical for a financial player and represents Tink’s business as a whole.


The new visual identity goes beyond just a logotype, and is more of a scheme composed of a number of core elements that come together to create a distinctive visual language that makes the Tink brand instantly recognizable and sets it apart from the rest of the fintech landscape. The new design is comprised of a new logo, typeface (Lota Bespoke), illustrations, colors, imagery, and completely new apps for Android and iOS. Surreal illustrations by Martin Nicolaussen, come to life throughout the app, emulating the various features and walkthroughs in a fun and inviting way.


Illustrations Martin Nicolausson. Photography Cecilia Magnusson.