NIG to Unveil New Logo and Branding

NIG is set to unveil its new logo and brand identity at the BIBA 2011 conference in Manchester on the 11th of May 2011. 


The rebranding exercise follows a period of regeneration for the commercial insurer during which time it has been transformed. NIG has completely restructured its regional business, increased its underwriting and sales team, launched several new products including Premier Property Owners and Commercial Combined and set out ambitious plans to increase its share of the SME market. 


The rebranding is a further indication of the commitment of RBSI to invest in the NIG brand and drive the organisation forward as a commercial only insurer. 


The new visual identity is backed by four key brand values: 

Energetic – our people have the drive and passion to do what’s right for our customers Straight talking – we are always clear about what we can and can’t do and why Forward thinking – our people are proactive and empowered to make decisions Closer to customers – we listen to our customers and help them find better solutions Jonathan Greenwood, Managing Director of NIG, said: “We’ve worked through a number of significant changes at NIG in the last two years and we believe that now is a perfect time to mark the closing of one chapter in NIG’s history and the beginning of a new one. We wanted to encapsulate what the new NIG stood for and what it means to our staff, brokers and customers and then ensure we have a refreshed visual identity that supports the new NIG. 


“We have spent two years rebuilding the organisation as a dedicated commercial insurer. Everything has been reviewed and refreshed from my own management team down to the way we deliver quotes to brokers. Our bigger regional offices employ more senior skilled underwriters and we have a larger sales team with a suite of new products. 


“We want brokers to embrace the new NIG. We will be an insurer that listens to brokers and responds to them with energy and enthusiasm and looks ahead to changing market forces and customer needs. We want to help brokers build their businesses by working collaboratively and by giving them the tools to go out and win the business. 


“Our new brand identity and core values underline our intention to be the broker’s first choice for SME business. By getting closer to our customers and offering the products, service and innovation brokers demand, NIG will continue to stand out from its competitors.”