25.2.2022 Essen International

Norstat – Know your world.

Founded in 1997, Norstat is one of the leading data collectors for market research in Europe. With a network of over 2 million respondents across 19 countries, they’re on a mission to provide their customers with data of the highest quality. Precise and relevant to each business-critical situation their customers face.


It’s all about data

The competitive landscape in recent years has increased with a wide range of new companies and offers providing quick online information, and automated insights gathering. It was therefore important to make Norstat’s role very clear – a company built on a solid network of respondents, here to provide the most accurate and trustworthy data for their customers.


For decisions that matter

Our work started off by a simple insight – that the better informed you are, the better decisions you’re able to make. Both for you, and for society at large. This shaped the new narrative for Norstat, communicating a company providing the very best conditions for making the right decisions when it really matters.


Know your world

We based the new communicative platform around a key message at the very core of Norstat’s offer: Know your world. A new way to talk about data, yet capturing what data is all about – Knowledge of the world. But even more importantly, your world, and the situations and challenges you face in your unique business context.


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