30.5.2011 milani design & con­sul­ting

NovaShunt announces its new corporate identity: Sequana Medical

NovaShunt AG has launched a new corporate identity and product branding to support its goal of leadership in the area of fluid management within the body. The company will now operate as Sequana Medical AG (www.sequanamedical.com) as it prepares for the upcoming launch of the ALFApumpTM System in Europe. 


“There were a number of compelling reasons to rebrand NovaShunt,” commented Noel Johnson, CEO. “We felt the name „NovaShunt‟ was not well aligned with our current technology or vision for the future. Also, we want to make sure our company name is clearly differentiated from the names of our products. Now is an ideal time to transition to a new company name, having just completed a $25 million USD Series B financing round and as we prepare for our first product launch.” 


NovaShunt‟s first product is the Automated Low-Flow Ascites (ALFA) Pump System, a subcutaneously implanted battery-powered pump system that removes excess abdominal fluid, known as ascites, by transferring it to the bladder where it is eliminated through normal urination. Ascites is a common complication in patients suffering from liver cirrhosis, certain cancers and congestive heart failure. 


“The ALFApump System has tremendous potential as a new therapeutic tool for the management of fluid overload. Patients with persistent or refractory ascites are faced today with poor treatment options that negatively impact quality of life. Also, the healthcare system bears a very heavy burden of care for these patients. We believe the ALFApump System can offer patients the relief of fewer repeat interventions and better quality of life while saving money and resources,” stated Dan Rose, Vice President of Commercial Operations. 


The rebranding was undertaken with the advice of milani design & consulting (www.milani.ch), a leading Swiss design firm. Sequana is an ancient name which refers to the springs at the source of the river Seine which were believed to have healing properties. 


“As we prepare for the launch of our first product, we look forward to introducing ourselves to physicians and patients as Sequana Medical. The ALFApump System is the first clinical application of our core technology and a very exciting step for the company. We look forward to making the name „Sequana Medical‟ known for offering patients better options and better outcomes in the field of fluid management,” concluded Dr. Johnson.