14.5.2012 Interbrand

NYSE Euronext Rolls Out New Brand Identity.

NYSE Euronext today unveiled a new brand identity that underscores the company’s growing role in unlocking the potential of its global community.  The new look was unveiled today across its exchanges and other locations around the world as well as online.


“Our new branding evokes an organization with both a strong vision and rich heritage, positioned to pursue our growth strategy: empowering the world’s capital market community to innovate and collaborate,” said Marisa Ricciardi, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Marketing.  “NYSE Euronext has transformed dramatically over the course of the last five years, and we sought to better represent our position today and direction for the future.”


The new icon – an abstract representation of the globe – conveys the dynamism of NYSE Euronext’s markets, the connectedness of its community and the diversity of its people. Multiple color bars represent its broad array of products, geographies and cultures.  The green and blue color palette reflects growth and optimism; the lighter hues convey the company’s commitment to transparency, and the bolder colors recall its storied historical role in developing the world economy.


NYSE Euronext has literally outgrown its previous icon – two portals symbolizing the merger of NYSE Group and Euronext in 2007.  Development of the new logo and look began some time ago and was put on hold during the NYSE Euronext-Deutsche Börse merger discussions.  Now NYSE Euronext is moving on, enabling customers to reach across oceans and asset classes, a strategy most recently articulated at the company’s Investor Day last month.


“We have always connected companies, capital and ideas,” Ricciardi added. “NYSE Euronext builds active connections across the largest, most diverse business community – powering new trading platforms, creating new products and services, and connecting the world’s most important capital markets to unlock potential throughout the world.”    


The greens of the new look differentiate NYSE Euronext from the logos of other exchange groups as well as the banks and broker dealers that are both customers and competitors.  It’s also a fitting choice in that NYSE Euronext is the first and only global exchange group to be carbon neutral.  The new fonts – Akko, DIN and Calibri – have been selected to be more environmentally friendly, known for using little ink and paper.


The new look also reflects the vibrant energy and global composition of NYSE Euronext’s workforce.  The company’s employees have a strong record of community engagement, through volunteering time and resources to charitable organizations around the world as well as working the community strategy every day through the company’s “ICE-T” values:Innovating with Purpose; Collaborating Productively; Engaging with Clients; and Thinking Broadly.