1.12.2009 Interbrand

Olympic emblem revealed by sochi 2014 for russia's first winter games

Sochi 2014 today launched its new brand, emblem and tagline, introducing the first ever Olympic Games emblem that forms a web address to provide a clear emphasis on reaching new audiences through digital platforms. The brand focuses on building understanding between cultures, showcasing a contemporary Russia and celebrating the most innovative and inspirational Olympic Winter Games ever staged. The Games tagline is ‘Gateway to the Future’, which will be used to promote Sochi 2014 as a catalyst for long-lasting sporting, social, economic and environmental legacy. 


A key milestone in the preparation of the Games, the new brand was unveiled at a press-conference by Jacques Rogge, President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC); Dmitry Chernyshenko, President and CEO of Sochi 2014; Dmitry Kozak, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia; Alexander Zhukov, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia; and Jean-Claude Killy, Chairman of the IOC’s Coordination Commission for Sochi 2014. 


Dmitry Chernyshenko, President and CEO of Sochi 2014, said: “We believe this is an historic day for Russia and for winter sport. Sochi 2014 has always been about being a Gateway to the Future and our new brand demonstrates that commitment more strongly than ever. “It is the gateway for the world to discover Russia’s passion, innovation and excellence through hosting the 2014 Olympic Winter Games. It is about doing everything possible to inspire youth worldwide through Olympic sport to enjoy healthier, more active lives. 


“To prove our commitment to innovation, Sochi 2014 will have a clearly digital Games emblem. Today, we welcome tomorrow. We are offering invitation, an icon and an inspiration to people from across the world to celebrate the thrill of Russia’s first Olympic Winter Games. “Our emblem challenges people to look beyond what they expect from our country. We believe sochi2014.ru can become an international symbol of a sporting, social, economic and environmental legacy that lasts for generations.” 


IOC President Jacques Rogge said:

“I would like to congratulate Sochi 2014 on the launch of their new brand. Every Olympic Games has an emblem and look that crystallizes the identity of those Games for all time and Sochi is no exception. 


“The Sochi 2014 emblem will become one of the most visible and recognised marks for people of all ages from around the world over the next few years, especially as Sochi 2014 has made a conscious effort to link its brand to the digital generation. “Thanks to the growth of social media, the Sochi brand will no doubt spread like never before through these online channels reaching the youth of the world quickly and in a format that they appreciate.” 


Jean-Claude Killy, Chairman of the IOC’s Coordination Commission for Sochi 2014, said:

“This new emblem and brand will clearly help to intensify the solid progress that Sochi 2014 has achieved over the past year. The IOC’s Coordination Commission for the Sochi 2014 Games is following the project closely and we have full confidence that the Sochi organisers will deliver on their commitments. This new brand will undoubtedly be an important factor in achieving our common goals for these Games.” 


The brand

The new Sochi 2014 brand centres around the idea that the 2014 Winter Games will be a celebration of sporting achievement, while also providing momentum for positive change. Sochi 2014 believes the Games can inspire progress in many different forms both in Russia and overseas, including improving understanding between nations, building a healthier society and introducing vastly modernized infrastructure for the benefit of all. 


The emblem

‘sochi2014.ru’ is the first Olympic emblem that also forms a web address, creating a ‘digital’ Games logo. It has been designed to actively encourage dialogue between Russians, nations and winter sports fans – particularly youth – facilitated by Sochi 2014's online platforms. 


The ‘.ru’ component is Russia’s web-domain address and signifies that Sochi 2014 is an Olympic Winter Games hosted by a whole nation, as well as the Black Sea sub-tropical city of Sochi. The introduction of a 21st Century emblem for a digital generation reflects how the 2014 Olympic Winter Games will be accessed through PC screens, PDAs, mobile phones, televisions and other devices, in line with ever-improving internet reach, increased bandwidth and the adoption of new technologies. This can help young people to experience sport for the first time, with a view to active participation and long-term engagement with sport and Olympism. 


As a key component of the new Sochi 2014 emblem, the Olympic rings sit large and in colour to leave no doubt that this is a symbol of progress for the Olympic Movement. The opportunity to change the colours and inner-design of the rest of the emblem encourages people to express themselves, with some anticipated to transform it using traditional images, while others will take an ultra-modern approach. The mirror of ‘Sochi’ and ‘2014’ reflects that Sochi is the meeting point between the sea and the mountains. 


The tagline

Sochi 2014’s tagline is Gateway to the Future. This continues the long-held commitment for the 2014 Winter Games to help define the future of Russia, further winter sport and support the progress of the Olympic Movement. The tagline communicates the key message that the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games is the catalyst for a sporting, social, economic and environmental legacy that will last for generations, as well as being a unique opportunity for the world to discover contemporary Russia. 


Brand development

The Sochi 2014 brand was developed in conjunction with Interbrand, one of the world’s largest brand consultancies, and an Expert Brand Council established by the Sochi 2014 Organising Committee. The Brand Council features leading lights from sport, branding and marketing, and the arts, with a mixture of Russian and overseas experts. This ensures that the Sochi 2014 brand, emblem and tagline strikes the right chord with every target audience for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games. Sochi 2014 began the brand development process by surveying people from Russia and several countries around the world, gathering thousands of ideas and insights that have been used as building blocks for Sochi 2014’s new brand. 


The new Sochi 2014 Paralympic Games brand will be launched later in December 2009. 


On 28 February 2010, Sochi 2014 will become the next host city of the Olympic Winter Games after receiving the Olympic Flag at the Closing Ceremony of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games.