26.9.2022 EIGA

onlyfy: Adding human touch to recruiting.

The recruiting market is changing rapidly. The shortage of skilled workers in almost all industries is fueling this trend. A manageable number of brands are competing for the attention and budgets of HR departments with an equally rapidly increasing number of digital offerings for recruiters. Managing a brand successfully in this environment is a major challenge.


In our branding project with NEW WORK SE / XING, the major hurdles were:
• unifying two established brands into one new brand,
• to integrate the new brand into the successful canon of NEW WORK brands,
• to involve the employees in this (fast-paced) process and to take them along with us
• to position the new brand strategically and creatively at the best possible level, and
• to ensure a powerful brand appearance in all channels during the roll-out.


Adding human touch to recruiting
With onlyfy, NEW WORK SE bundles the services of its digital recruiting products XING E-Recruiting and Prescreen in one brand. EIGA developed the new brand identity from scratch in an agile branding process.


Bye-bye research. Hello new hiring!
Important success factors in this process were, on the one hand, the launch date of the product, but also the consideration of the needs of development, marketing and sales. We therefore developed the strategy, positioning and, based on this, the brand name in a series of sprints together with the specialist departments of XING and Prescreen.


Finding the one & only.
The word creation onlyfy expresses the brand’s always-on attitude. It immediately refers to what the digital product promises recruiters: Find the Perfect Match. Let’s onlyfy! This new verb also has the potential to become part of the business jargon.


Improving the recruiting performance beyond numbers.
The brand’s attitude becomes visible and tangible in the brand design. The onlyfy highlighter is the protagonist in the brand design. The marker, guided as if by human hands, draws attention where we present essential information.


Succeed through the power of people.
The font onlyfy Rebond was customised for the brand. In order to optimally integrate it into the design, we expanded the character set with newly developed letters in the style of the highlighter. They lend the messages and the entire brand presence uniqueness and an extra dose of human touch.


All assets and definitions are available in onlyfy’s digital brand guide. Among others, a comprehensive pool of illustrations for the presentation of product features, pictograms with explanatory function and UI/UX icons for application and website.