11.3.2011 FutureBrand

Peru launches new country brand

Today Peru officially launched a new country brand. “We’re ready to spread our brand, we’ve given our country an ID,” said tourism minister Eduardo Ferreyros Kuppers.   The country brand, a project led by the Peru’s tourism ministry and promotional agency PromPeru, was developed by the British firm FutureBrand, which created Australia’s country brand in 2003.   The country logo utilizes the word Peru only, with a spiral letter P that evokes a “universal icon,” Ferreyros said, as well making references to Peruvian archaeological sites such as Caral and Moray.   The brand will be displayed tomorrow in the first ever Peru Day on Wall Street, said Isabella Falco, PromPeru director. “The brand is not just a decoration, it’s a tool,” Falco said in today’s press conference. Starting April 26, the brand will be used in a campaign within Peru.   The logo is hoped to be used on labels and tags on Peru’s exported goods. “There will be a simple process for the companies that want to use the brand,” Ferreyros said.   José Luis Silva, president of Peru’s exporters association, ADEX, commented that “three thousand Peruvian products or more are on the tables of consumers throughout the world. We need to put the brand on all these products.”   • Original font. The firm TypeTogether created a new font called Bree Peru to use for the Peru brand. • Just the word. No images were used for the new logo. The word Peru is enough, according to the campaign. It is uniquely short for a country name, it has a universal pronunciation, and the accent mark over the letter “u” stands out. • Colors. The red background is the predominant color of the Peru brand, although four bright colors are also used: blue, green, yellow and purple. • Made in Peru. Peru hopes to use the new logo on tags for export products.