5.6.2014 Saffron Brand Consultants

Poland the spring of change.

The Council for the Promotion of Poland composed of representatives of different ministries has adopted a resolution on the concept of the logo and slogan that will promote Poland. It is the motif of a spring from the campaign “Polska. Spring into new” whose author is Wally Olins.


“Rules for Communicating POLSKA brand” are beginning to apply. The Poland promotion campaign has been noticed at home and abroad. “The spot has received good reviews,” said Minister Radosław Sikorski chairing a meeting of the Council for the Promotion of Poland on 5 June.


The motif of a spring was created by the late Wally Olins, one of the greatest experts on visual identification, who specialised in nation and city branding. Its concept is based on the idea of “Creative Tension” that was coined in 2004.


“The anniversary of 25 years of freedom is the best possible moment to launch a consistent nation brand promotion campaign. We hope that with time this logotype will become our country’s leading promotion brand, and Poles identify with it,” noted Paweł Tyszkiewicz, Director of SAR Marketing Communication Association.


The logotype concept was adopted after one and a half years of work on a consistent communication strategy of the POLSKA brand. The strategy was based on the “Rules for communicating the POLSKA brand” adopted unanimously in October 2013. The rules were developed in cooperation with experts from the SAR Marketing Communication Association and the Association of Public Relations Firms. Its last important step is the image-building campaign “Polska. Spring into new” that shows Poland’s successful transition and changes over the last 25 years. The campaign relies on the idea of a spring as a symbol of energy driving Poles’ positive changes, dynamism, creativity and innovation.

Today’s resolution will serve as a basis for the Council’s further work – adoption of a Corporate Identity Manual and a strategy for communicating the brand.