Branche: Kultur
Agentur: Johnson Banks

Re-design of the Brighton Dome and Brighton Festival brands.

For the last 15 months we’ve been working on a complete re-design of the Brighton Dome andBrighton Festival brands. Each entity faced particular issues unique to them. The Dome is a vast site on the Royal Pavilion estate that has always struggled to clearly identify itself, even to the local arts community. Each of its constituent parts and multiple venues tended to act independently of each other across 11 months of yearly programming. And it had no cohesive identity capable of dealing with a huge range of genres – anything from visiting hip hop artists to classical orchestras.


Brighton Festival, as a contrast, lasts for just 3 weeks, but is a vibrant smorgasbord veering from modern circus to cutting edge performance art, comedy, music, theatre and dance. Our task was to give each a distinct, yet related identity – celebrate their differences yet hint at collaboration and crossover.



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