26.12.2016 SNASK

Rebranding North Korea.

»ICON magazine asked us if we wanted to rebrand any existing brand as a part of their section Rethink. We took the chance of doing our dream project, namely rebranding North Korea. Why? Because the world is full of so much hatred at the moment so we thought that perhaps if we show a way of love we could make a small difference.
The Case
We started out by renaming them from North Korea into Love Korea. We didn't like to further emphasize the geographical border but rather focus on the new main value for their brand, love. We chose to keep the colors because they are beautiful and also the same as South Korea. We made all the necessary files available to them to download for free. But we had our condition. That in order for them to use the identity they have to prove to the world that they are a free democracy.«
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