Branche: Bau- und Immobilienwirtschaft
Agentur: Columna Brand Strategy & Colors

Resa: aligning the brand strategy to the corporate strategy.

Resa is a leading company  offering housing facilities for university students. Resa is synonymous of global housing solutions for college students, professors, graduate school and summer session students. The company offers a complete range of services including studios for individual use or for sharing, apartment rentals, and short-term housing. Faced with this wide range of services and its diverse public (including a Fine Art’s sophomore student , a professor or a financial institution), Columna Brand Strategy & Colors had to solve the challenge of aligning the brand strategy to the corporate strategy. 


Responding with a value proposition and articulating a visual and verbal identity that would foster corporate culture and generate value. Expressed of course, coherently across all executions in order to build a brand with a long-term perspective.The result is a solid and flexible brand architecture, that clearly addresses the role of each different brand with a distinct and relevant positioning for each target.A broad brand universe capable of encompassing every one of Resa’s needs in a coherent fashion. We created a strong brand that is serious, solid, young and vital.“I like living at Resa” is the new tagline that capitalizes the brand´s mission:to offer all the comforts and services that will make tenants feel at home.This is the “Resa feeling” and brand pillar supporting a new brand aiming to create a close and lively community of “Resa People”. 

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