23.2.2017 Saffron

Saffron rebrands The Australian Drug Foundation.

Saffron, the global brand, experience, and innovation consultancy, recently carried out the repositioning of The Australian Drug Foundation (ADF). The ADF is Australia’s leading institution for drug and alcohol addiction prevention and supports people affected by addiction problems across the country.


The project brief included a new strategic position and name, the reorganization of the ADF brand architecture, and the design of a new visual identity.


The Australian Drug Foundation (as it was then called) had been the go-to resource for alcohol and other drug issues for over 60 years, working to build strong communities, to advocate for policy, funding and regulation change, and to change Australia’s national culture when it comes to drugs and alcohol.


With the help of Saffron, they adopted a new name – from “The Australian Drug Foundation” to “Alcohol and Drug Foundation”, keeping the same acronym but highlighting the misconception that alcohol and medicine aren’t really drugs, when they are actually the major cause of addiction problems in the country.


With a change in name, the ADF embarked on a path to much greater public visibility, requiring a new identity system that was approachable, flexible and able to communicate the brand’s new purpose: Preventing harm in Australia.


The refreshed visual identity is a literal deconstruction and reconstruction of its predecessor, a homage to the great work achieved by the organisation to date. Its component pieces express the concept of collaboration between the different agents needed to achieve the ADF’s goals.


These pieces can be used to build almost anything and communicate any message, allowing the identity to reach across all touchpoints with flexibility. Meaningful use of photography, iconography, animation and simple copy create a deep yet uncomplicated system that stands out from the crowd.


The ADF also worked with Saffron to bring the organisation’s different programs and activities within a redesigned brand architecture system to meet the diverse needs of government, community, NGO partners and the many other stakeholders who depend on the ongoing success of the ADF.


According to Luke Van O, Managing Director of Saffron Melbourne, “the ADF has joined the growing ranks of for-purpose organisations who understand the power of their brand to help effect social change, and the role strategic brand consulting plays in this”.


In the words of Rebecca Lovitt, head of marketing and engagement at ADF „{What’s} important is finding an agency that will work collaboratively while maintaining the creative and strategic integrity that’s necessary. We have found a balance and my team has benefited from Luke’s team. It’s been about sharing ideas and Saffron has come up with really brilliant stuff.“