11.5.2021 Erretres


Seedtag is a Madrid-based company which offers contextual advertising and communication experiences for a privacy-first world, employing AI to identify the best moment to communicate with users. They work with both brands and publishers, with clients including Microsoft, Unilever, Forbes, and Vanity Fair, among others. After years of growth, they contacted Erretres to help them express their new positioning as a communication partner for the biggest brands and publishers, with a new brand and digital experience.


Born as a startup, Seedtag has since grown exponentially, and so we worked with them to rework their brand platform in order to launch them into a new era of growth. To effectively communicate their new positioning, we developed their new vision, mission, descriptor, and tagline: “Powering the world’s most relevantly engaging communication experiences”.

With growth also came the challenge of nailing down the company’s internal culture and values, and so we also worked alongside the Seedtag team to define and express their shared personality and team values. These, alongside other key messages, were all expressed in a new, bold tone of voice which we developed for the brand.


Visual Identity

The visual identity is based on the movement and interaction of a circle, representing the simplest expression of a data point. This point moves on both bidimensional and tridimensional planes, representing the energy created when the three dimensions of users, publishers, and brands intersect. This movement carries throughout the brand to represent both data and concepts, and always comes from and returns to the updated Seedtag symbol.


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