30.6.2022 Essen


Sprung from the former digital payment company Paynova, Sileon launched in 2022 to become a global and pioneering provider of BNPL solutions, focusing solely on offering a white-label BNPL-platform where both lenders and merchants can create and control the customer experience as they see fit.


A crowded category
With demand of BNPL-solutions and fintech in general on the rise, new companies have flooded the scene. The market is packed, to say the least, with a clear industry preference towards communicating tech with a laidback, almost childish expression if you will. We wanted to ensure differentiation not only towards the closest competitors, but towards the fintech segment as a whole.


True customer devotion
Unlike most competitors, Sileon enables control of the payment journey, customer relationship and customer data. Crucial elements to any modern business. We quickly saw Sileon as the best kind of partner – a silent one, doing everything for their customers’ businesses, while staying out of the spotlight themselves. This insight was fundamental to the new brand and narrative, giving a unique voice to a company that exists to make others look up to date.


A new promise ”Behind your scene” together with the new name “Sileon” laid the foundation for the brand strategy and was reflected in every part of the identity. A chopped-up image concept conveyed the splitting up of payments, whereas objects and people shot through corrugated glass portrayed the idea of a service that operates in the background. Yellow was used to insert energy and make sure that although Sileon stay in the background, they are energetic, fast movers. In other words, a communicative solution that manifested everything Sileon, while ensuring their identity was one of a kind.