15.10.2012 SomeOne

Splendid things: The Halcyon.

Get ready for the opening of one of London’s most iconic destinations. The Halcyon is an exciting development highlighting the best of British art, retail, design, music, exhibitions, gallery, food – all with entrepreneurial spirit. Located at Essex Road, Islington. SomeOne created the name, strategy, language, digital and multiple BrandWorlds for The Halcyon.


The core destination The Halcyon houses impressive gallery, music and retail spaces, and works seamlessly with The Thunderbolt restaurant and the Sundowner bar – to create a wonderfully rich, varied yet coherent set of experiences.


The colours used within the brand and environment were derived from, and act as a subtle nod towards the diverse colour palette used during Britain’s great creative periods of the past – our Halcyon days, mixed with those we see around us today.


The evocative names for the bar and restaurant also have provenance and heritage and are a homage to the former British car brand ‘Bean’. The Sundowner was also a British record breaker, completing the fastest Australian cross-contonent car journey and the first London to Melbourne journey in the 1920′s. Not to be out-done, the Thunderbolt was the fastest car on earth in the 1930′s. Breaking the Land Speed Record twice between 1937 and 1939, reaching speeds in excess of 345 mph. Jolly well done all round we’d say.


SomeOne Co Founder and Executive Creative Director Gary Holt said “Working on The Halcyon with their team has been amazing. And we’re sure that we’re helping to build what will become an iconic London destination, offering all manner of splendid things from 2013 onwards – and believe the work is testament to this’.


Over the year we have worked closely with the interior designers ARA, and project management build group Ovalstone to ensure the very best experience will be created – for the restaurant, bar, retail, exhibition and gallery spaces.


The Halcyon lives at No. 46 Essex Road Islington in what was in 1855 the Northern District Post Office, and in 1911 the grand Coronet Cinema. Today it’s a 10,000+ sqft property spectacularly refurbished that will soon become one of London’s newest and most exciting iconic venues.


The Halcyon will be a destination attracting local, national and international visitors interested in buying, tasting and experiencing the best of Britain in a friendly and contemporary setting. Intending to promote the Best of British on the global stage.


The Halcyon will support talented British individuals, products and companies from the grassroots level and up, giving support on all levels, including apprentice schemes as well as offering the venue to test ideas and experience.


The Halcyon restaurant, bar and coffee house will offer a wonderful experience of top British cooking and baking as well as relating this to the retailing of great British food and beverage product.


Behind this amazing destination venue is Aquarius Investments, the commercial philanthropic enterprise responsible for other regenerations of former great British brands, such as Bean motorcars.