2.2.2020 Gretel

Stefanie Nelson Dancegroup.

Moving into their 20th anniversary, Stefanie Nelson Dancegroup needed an identity that more strongly embodied the character and energy of the brand. Known for thought-provoking choreography that draws on Nelson’s unique approach to awkward, contorted and ambiguous movement, SND’s work is edgy, visceral and strikingly visual.


To capture this spirit we explored graphic shapes that allow for bold assertions of movement and physical form. The geometric language serves as a library of bodily abstractions that can express and suggest movement in a way that feels spontaneous but grounded, instinctive but intentional. These gestures now serve as totems for the company.


The SND monogram echoes the geometry of movement. Never seen the same way twice, the letters are meant to interact and respond to the photography, circling and interacting with the subjects the way other dancers would in the space. As a counter balance, the full logo resolves in a state of rest and quiet.



Quelle: gretelny.com