SWISS strengthens positioning and sharpens brand profile

Swiss International Air Lines intends to further strengthen its positioning and its profile as the airline of Switzerland over the coming years. While maintaining a keen focus on such key business competencies as cost management and flexibility, SWISS will be striving to further intensify its collaborations within the Lufthansa Group, and will be putting a particular emphasis on sharpening its brand profile. 


“With the vast range of products on the market today, it’s primarily through our brand that we can stand out as a service provider,” says Holger Hätty, SWISS’s Chief Commercial Officer. “It’s our brand that is a byword for top product and service quality, for closeness to our customers and for traditional Swiss values.” 


The SWISS Management Board also views the company’s manageable size (compared to many of its competitors) as a vital asset of which it intends to make greater use. “Our size enables us to stay closer to the customer, and to respond even better and more specifically to their individual wishes and needs,” Hätty explains. 


A new logo will also be adopted from October onwards. The new logo shows a SWISS tailfin with its Swiss-cross design, reflecting the livery of the company’s aircraft and enabling SWISS to be instantly recognised as “the airline of Switzerland”, even from afar. 


SWISS’s advertising and promotional materials will also be given a clear new look. And here, too, the focus will be on the company’s aircraft and their Swiss-cross tails. 


SWISS has further distilled its commitment to the customer to deliver a top-quality service product into a concise new claim: 


‘Our sign is a promise’. 


“I am convinced that, with our stronger brand profile, we will be better able to survive and thrive in a competitive market that is growing tougher each year,” confirms Chief Executive Officer Harry Hohmeister. “And I’m equally certain that we will continue to live up to, and further build on, our aspiration of being Europe’s leading airline in product quality and profitability terms.” 


The new SWISS logo will be gradually adopted for all the company’s communications channels and at airports in and outside Switzerland from October onwards.