The Augmented City Project

Konzeption und Gestaltung

Sebastian Hübschmann
Christian Schwarz


HfK Bremen




Prof. Robert Paulmann


»The Augmented City Project initially started as a student project at the University of the Arts Bremen, Germany in the international inter-university graduate program of digital media. The project merges competencies in architecture, design and computer science and reflects upon the impact of digital media on socioeconomic spaces in urban environments.   With an ubiquitous overlay of digital data spaces onto the traditional physical realm, we can expect considerable influences in the perception of our traditional environments. The project group intends to make aware of these oncoming influences, creating scenarios which demonstrate possible consequences and showing appropriate design strategies.   This design guide is edited to assist project members to present project related work in a consistent look. It is targeted at designers who are familiar with basic graphical illustration and layout programs. The groups’ work is an experimental, technical and fundamental approach. Thus the project design uses a simple language. It bases on several design modules which can be combined in a flexible yet consistent manner. As influences of digital spaces may manifest themselves differently, the project design is conceived in a way that allows for a flexible design outcome. A diverse design language is encouraged since the augmented city design is also a way to express the progress of the project work itself.«   The present work Corporate Design Manual »The Augmented City Project« is a result of the course Visualization and Presentation in the International unter-university graduate program Digital Media at the University of the Arts Bremen, Germany.   Manual…

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