5.6.2013 Snøhetta Design

The new Avinor identity

The consolidated statement in the logo and logo symbol describes Avinor's public service mission. From north to south, tying Norway together - and Norway together with the world. The specially designed typeface and the unique symbol Avinor helps to cement their position in the market as a full-service provider in the aviation industry and strongly supports the strategic change in the organization.


Snøhetta Design has developed a new visual identity for Avinor. The identity work has included a transdisciplinary process where almost all fields in Snøhetta have been involved. We have been engaged in graphic design, motion graphics, interior design, architecture, interactive design and service design where everyone has been working with our conceptual starting point Connections.


In the process towards a final design has Snøhetta and Avinor worked closely over time. It has given us useful insights into the organization's work and an important national mission. Through a collective approach, we tried to create a broad commitment and listened to important contributions from the organization's many talented employees.


An essential dimension of the strategy process is to develop a more effective, coherent and unified group that appears with one face to the customer. It is therefore developed a common vision, a set of behavioral values and a unifying Visual Identity.


The visual identity is released internally and in digital media.