15.1.2018 Brand Brothers

The new identity for NP6.

NP6 is a French technology company created in the late 1990s, publisher of the famous emailing solution MailPerformance. Having undergone a significant evolution since its launch, the group based in Bordeaux and Paris is today at the crossroads between marketing, studies and information sciences. Their vision is to help companies establish a personal relationship with each of their customers, in a world where the digitization of data is a hegemonic fact. As an industry-leading publisher of advanced technology platforms, NP6 is helping many large groups and SMEs increase their level of customer knowledge and engage in meaningful and effective activation measures. Brand Brothers was chosen to rethink the group’s overall identity and its print and digital branding, following the merger with the French startup Ezakus, which led to a complete repositioning of the group.


The new identity is ambitious. It projects the company into its future vision and becomes the marker of a true rebirth. Designed around a revisited brand platform and strong and honest values, this visual territory is based on a refined and statutory logo: typed for the occasion, this monogram is made of unexpected interlacing, reassuring straight lines, harmonious curves And subtly unstructured elements. It evokes without effort superfluous notions of dexterity and innovation; it is a calm force !


As the result of a meticulous design work spanning several weeks, it combines singularity and simplicity, and wants to stand the test of time. It establishes itself as a solid and innovative base for the deployment of a visual universe reflecting the convictions of the teams: seriousness, agility, commitment.


We worked for more than 9 months together with the team of Sandra Jézo, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, to deploy the new graphic guidelines on all print materials (stationery, brochures, product sheets), on the Bordeaux headquarters, installed in an old cellar on the edge of the Garonne, but also on the new website (design and integral development) . The newbrand territory was inaugurated in April 2017 during Parisian conferences and trades dedicated to customer marketing.