The Right to Brand.

Yasmin Merican

Brands inform others about who you are and what you represent. From products to politics, a brand sends out signals on information critical for consumer choice and/or constituent support. Yet, as a market-critical process, the ability to brand is curiously not as strong in emerging markets. Through case studies and learning in Malaysia, “The Right to Brand” looks into the reasons behind this brand inertia. The book argues that when brands are not part of strategic thinking or planning, they tend to dissipate without the anchor of business policy and leadership.


It examines the operational realities, the types of mindsets, structures and skills that need to be built, and what brand related activities such as advertising, marketing, communications, customer management and design need to be harnessed and coordinated from the brand ecosystem. It proposes that as the stage of brand readiness is distinct and different from one product, company or market to the next, the ability to compete effectively among the world’s leading brands can only come from stronger brand commitment, brand knowledge and brand orientations.

Yasmin Merican
Trax Associates
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