Total Identity

Amsterdam | Niederlande


Paalbergweg 42
1105 BV Amsterdam
+31 20 750 95 00


Gründungsjahr: 1963
Mitarbeiter: 120
Geschäftsführung: Hans P. Brandt

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Due to economic and social developments service-oriented organizations are compelled to innovate and change constantly. Total Identity supports these transition processes from a strong orientation on the context of these organizations, based on a sharp analysis of their identity and ambition. In this setting Total Identity functions as a think tank with the input from different disciplines and methods, from scenario development to project management.


We provide integral services in which we link strategic advice to creative developments. Positioning and communication issues are approached from market research, a professional understanding of providing services, and the long-standing tradition in conceptualization that characterizes our agency. In addition to that we keep investing in innovative communication solutions for design, issues management, multichannel publishing and identity management, matching those organizations that identify the market dynamics as being vital for their own business.


Total Identity has offices in Amsterdam , Delft, The Hague and Heerlen and is represented in Bremen, Antwerp, Taipei and Seoul.

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