12.2.2020 Mother

Tripadvisor: Refreshing a globally recognized icon.

Founded on the premise that real humans give the best advice, Tripadvisor provides travel guidance for nearly 460 million unique visitors each month. Twenty years after its inception, the company knows the world of travel has evolved, so it only makes sense that the platform’s branding follows suit.


Appreciating the current love for and global recognition of the iconic logo, we retained its inherent personality but refined its geometry for better reproduction at all sizes. What was an exercise both in reduction of complexity and amplification of character resulted in a much simpler owl, and a complementary custom typeface by Colophon Foundry which could carry the weight of the real, global, human connection the brand believes in.


And because Rome wasn’t revealed in a day, Tripadvisor’s refresh won’t be, either. The company intends to roll out their updated look and feel in full over the course of the coming year.