14.3.2015 Spin

University for the Creative Arts

The University for the Creative Arts is a specialist arts institution in the south east of England. It’s four campuses at Canterbury, Epsom, Farnham and Rochester offer a fabulous range of creative subjects. Their primary focus is on practice-based and industry-orientated learning experience.


Following on an extensive research and consultation phase with senior management, lecturers, students and members of the board of trustees at UCA we found a clear picture emerging. Creativity in all it’s forms was evident at every touch point, that and a deep desire to deliver a personal and meaningful student experience. However, corporate, dated and deadly dull, there was no affection for the old UCA Identity, it represented none of the spirit, enthusiasm, philosophy or capabilities of the University and its campuses.


It was difficult not to be inspired by the passion for ‘creativity’ and ‘making.’ Our starting point is a visual language synonymous with designers and architects and employed by them as a way of marking work in progress, the humble stencil. It was from this seed the identity grew. We have created a solid anchor point in the logo whose essential stencil component parts will form the visual root from which the identity grows. Its creative potential has no end and can be developed year on year.