29.8.2017 Essen International

Unomaly: Harmonizing humans and systems.

Unomaly is a Swedish start-up that offers a ground-breaking technology for IoT- companies and companies with technology at the heart of their business. The founding engineers and entrepreneurs of Unomaly have developed an algorithmic software platform that monitors all data logs produced in an organization’s IT-systems. Based on machine learning, the platform automatically alerts users when coming across any anomalies: never before seen data logs. Hence, the platform detects any deviations as they occur, e.g. hackers, drifts and outages, enabling you to take action before they become a costly problem. Even though the product in itself is one of the most progressive technologies out there, the brand was still lagging behind. Way behind.


As a start-up, Unomaly had invested more or less everything in the product. All resources were allocated to continuously improving the product and the sales process. Our ambition was primarily to scale Unomaly from being merely a product to a brand, preparing them for a global takeover and to make the sales process more efficient. Secondly, as they inevitably face growing pains like any other successful start-up, we had the ambition to develop an aspiring brand attracting both male and female engineers for recruiting purposes. Needless to say, there are a lot of tech companies in Stockholm grabbing all tech talent.


We partnered with the founders and worked really closely throughout the process. We did in-depth interviews with the engineer and sales team, users and the founders. We had workshops and a bunch of iterations. Together we developed a brand story including boilerplate, vision, positioning and values. We developed a visual and verbal identity that manifested the brand story and was as unique as their product. When the foundation was set, we developed the UX and UI for the site, we developed templates of the product design and subsequent applications.


A brand as unique and progressive as the product itself. A brand prepared for further expansion and internationalization. A brand worth taking note of.