Branche: Agenturen
Agentur: KoeweidenPostma

VIM Group has changed its visual identity.


Globalisation is an ongoing process, brands are more important every day. In response, VIM Group have recently added three more members to the group to further strengthen its worldwide presence. New members are Double Q from Germany, The Resource Cube from Asia and Dansign from Denmark.


We are now pleased to inform you that VIM Group has also changed its visual identity (KoeweidenPostma). Of course a very special challenge for us, given the fact that we’re in the brand implementation business ourselves. You might want to take a look at our website for a first impression,


By growing the number of members, and by focusing on brand implementation as our core business, we have become a truly international network of companies, all specialised in brand implementation. Our new identity takes all this into account, expressing the globe and multiculturality, centered around visuality.


About VIM Group

VIM Group is founder of the business category ‘Brand Implementation’ and world leader in this area. Its activities cover both global rebrands as well as local single site rebrands, covering all – or part – of the client’s brand touch points including signage & interiors, online, printed matter, IT-systems, corporate wear and fleet livery. Over the years, VIM Group has completed over 1,300 brand implementation projects. VIM Group operates worldwide, with specialist member operating out of 11 offices with over 200 people.