8.12.2014 Prophet

Visual Identity for The Water Trust.

Prophet today unveiled a new visual identity for The Water Trust, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving water, sanitation and hygiene practices for rural villages in the developing world. The new look and feel communicates The Water Trust’s brand positioning and attributes, and will enable the organization to focus its efforts on empowering local communities in East Africa to take ownership of water solutions for long-lasting, sustainable impact.


The Water Trust tapped Prophet for counsel to help refine and strengthen its brand to support its initiatives into the future. The organization was first conceived in 2008 by finance industry veterans who sought to apply a results-oriented, transparent approach to the problem of unsafe water and poor sanitation—dire conditions responsible for 1 in 5 deaths of young children according to the World Health Organization. To-date, The Water Trust has implemented over 220 projects, raised over $2m that are providing clean water, improved sanitation and hygiene knowledge to rural villages and schools in East Africa, directly benefitting over 75,000 people, of which 45,000 are children.


The Water Trust model engages local communities at the grassroots level to provide them with the skills and knowledge needed to operate and maintain water and sanitation programs. This local “ownership” ensures that improvements continue to be implemented, performance metrics are met and all changes are sustainable.


Prophet volunteered its services and expertise to help The Water Trust clarify its distinctive brand positioning and attributes, which emphasize accountability, transparency, empowerment and delivering measurable, lasting results. The team then created a logo and design system to visually express these important brand attributes.


The visual identity for The Water Trust is a clean, strong word mark featuring a blue droplet symbol at the center, evoking the central role that water plays in the organization’s mission. The droplet symbol is shared across two words, “water” and “trust”--much like water is a shared resource—and reinforcing the collaborative nature of the organization. The visual system will support the organization as it explores new technologies and geographies in the future.