16.9.2020 williamlyall.co.uk

Visual identity for Universal Colours.

Universal Colours is a new cycling apparel brand, challenging current conventions through progressive design and considerately sourced materials. Inspired by change, the brand embraces the seasons and natural tones they bring, paying homage to consistent rides that look different year-round.


Considerately sourced and progressively designed, Universal Colours promotes the mindful consumption of truly thoughtful, technical garments. Universal Colours pays homage to the changing seasons and consistent rides that look different year-round.


Craftsmanship behind the pieces set them apart in a heavily saturated market. Universal Colours have partnered with LTP, a Bluesign® accredited factory in Lithuania, for the production of the majority of their garments – as well as with factories that are internationally audited for social and environmental good practice. Bluesign® is a system that ensures products are manufactured with the lowest possible impact on people and the environment, with a responsible use of resources and safer, more sustainable working conditions for employees.


Conceived, designed, tested, and re-designed repeatedly by the Universal Colours team, these garments intertwine premium performance with ethical construction. Durable woven fabrics, recycled polyester and elastane are utilised to craft the cycling garments. Waste is minimal, with a use being found for leftover materials in the unisex gilet, musette and mitts. Responsibility permeates all aspects of Universal Colours‘ creation and production processes, from garment conception through to their recyclable packaging.


The visual identity is based on adaptability and versatility. A set of interchangeable wordmarks and logos have been created allowing the identity to be applied across a range of garments and details. The two circles are an identifiable icon for the typography to anchor from in various positions whilst providing a consistent visual across all applications. The versatility of the identity allows its application to evolve over time alongside the development of the progressive and forward-thinking nature of the brand itself.


At the core of the identity is a bespoke cut of Scto Grotesk by Schick Toikka. Titled UC Scto Grotesk, the typeface supports circled numbers at the same scale as the circles used throughout the identity set. Circled numbers are used to form a relationship with the identity set, highlighting technical features on the garments and product listings. Through a typographic relationship between the garment details and the visual identity of the brand, an emphasis is given to the quality and technicality of the garments. The care given to the structure and use of typography throughout the identity is reflective of the thought process given to the design of each collection.


Alongside the wordmarks, logos and UC Scto Grotesk, colour swatches are used as a further asset to apply on imagery and digital applications. Each season’s individual set of swatches reflect the fabrics used throughout the collections. Highlighting the colours used builds a graphic relationship with the garments, and also reinforces the idea behind the naming of the brand.