6.5.2021 Otherway

Weezy: Designing a better way to shop.

Weezy are a new player in the fast emerging groceries category delivering products to homes in under 15 minutes. As with all high growth categories the competition is fierce which means the branding and positioning needs to be razor sharp.


The evolution of the brand strategy is based on the belief that there is a better way to buy your groceries. Advanced technology combined with an innovative business model means convenience, just got more convenient. Allowing customers to live their life on their way and on their terms – upgrading them to a new service which breaks free from the monotonous shopping list.


The opportunity for Weezy to stand out in a busy market was to build the brand around quality rather than just convenience. Their superior product and service makes them different from their competitors focused solely on speed. This was the key driver for the creation of the new brand world.


The new branding is inspired by nostalgic local grocery stores. Where quality and service reigned supreme. The bold sign-writing, natural materials, fresh colours, muted tones and eye catching retail shapes all nod to a much loved, familiar grocery world, reimagined for today.


Another key feature of the old grocery world is the personable service of all the delivery staff. As such, we wanted to turn Weezy into a friendly and entertaining brand. Developing the tone of voice of to bring to life the person-ability of the founders and all the team. This superior service is a key feature on delivering next level customer satisfaction.


The digital world is designed to be simple and useful – delivered in an intuitive app that helps users get what they want without the fuss. The UX of the new App compliments the mindset of customers along their purchase journey allowing them to stock their cupboard, fridge and freezer with their favourite brands and household essentials in minutes.