11.2.2021 Erretres


Witak is a new brand based in Japan which develops innovative fire extinguishing products. Its offering is designed to be used both in professional and domestic environments. Their hand-sized formats make them a perfect item to quickly create escape routes and save lives. Moreover, the fire can be extinguished by just simply throwing it on the fire. Witak provides useful solutions for locations such as Japan, where the risk of fires and earthquakes is high. The project, however, launches with international ambition, framing safety as a state of mind rather than just a gadget.



The name Witak is a neologism, coming from “whatever it takes”. It reflects the aim of the company to do everything necessary to help people fight fires in their environments. Early fire extinguishing is a the most efficient way to minimize fire damage and ensure proper extinction.


Visual Idenity

The visual identity for Witak was built around the creative concept “Wherever the fire, whenever you need”. The contrast between the risk and the solution is expressed in the use of red and green and the “x” and “+” symbols. Witak attacks fire, and protects life. Its products are smart and innovative ones, focused on real and vital needs. The logo represents the intelligence of prevention by bringing together these contrasting attributes, which are also represented by clean, friendly, and symmetrical icons and imagery.