31.3.2021 Butter

Women in Soccer: Changing the Game, Our Way.

Women in Soccer is a new pioneer driving equity in sports. Founded by lifelong footballer, Courtney Levinsohn, WIS is a professional network connecting all women in and around the beautiful game. The goal: foster equity by creating better opportunities for women in the game.


Driven by the power sports have on culture—politically, professionally, and aesthetically—Butter Studio has a core focus on designing for sport and particularly women in sport.


We partnered with WIS to create the face of their company: a visual identity applied to web design and marketing assets. Inspired by the aesthetic traditions of football culture—kits, trading cards, signage, team crests—we developed a design system that feels like anything but a typical non-profit. Our goal was to develop a unique personality for WIS that bridges professional with powerful and fun. The result is an identity that clearly breaks the male-dominated aesthetic prevalent in sport, asserting women’s power in the game and beyond.