26.9.2018 Kurppa Hosk

Wrapp: design overhaul and new service strategy.

Wrapp wants to change the customer loyalty landscape and put an end to the era of irrelevant advertising and outdated memberships. Wrapp connects to users’ payment cards, and analyzes transactions to learn their buying behavior. That means brands can reach only people who are actually interested in what they sell, and offer deals their customers actually want. And by sticking to cashback returns, they make sure they get rewards they actually find useful. Simply put, they put purchasing power in the hands of consumers, and meaningful marketing in the hands of brands.


In order to hand over information, however, Wrapp’s users need to feel safe and trust that Wrapp will not misuse their data. They also need to understand how Wrapp’s service is different from the multitude of platforms that send irrelevant offers to their customers. And, most importantly, users demand easy to navigate, intuitive apps and tools.


Together with Wrapp, Kurppa Hosk performed a benchmark analysis to identify user personas and their corresponding needs and drivers in order to better understand how Wrapp’s service fills a gap in the market. The research unveiled several crucial behavioral insights around the users of the service, which ultimately, informed the future development of the project.


Users’ time limitations and need for more “personalized” automation, along with their increasing apprehension to data collection, was a reoccurring theme throughout the research.


Kurppa Hosk helped Wrapp create an updated brand platform that directs the development of both product and communication towards a path of transparency and focus on user value. Kurppa Hosk’s team of designers turned that platform into a bold visual identity, which clearly stands out in the industry and underlines Wrapp’s mission to simplify the lives of users. Furthermore, a dedicated team helped craft Wrapp’s app, webpage and the underlying onboarding logic.


Users are reassured of personal data safety and no hidden “surprises” throughout their journey. They also choose how much time they are willing to allocate to the experience; tailoring their preferences as much and as often as they please or sitting back and letting Wrapp figure things out by learning from their spending habits. The strategy, typography & digital design reflects this no-nonsense and transparent approach, but, also stimulates the senses with an edgy and intelligent “no frills” design.