20.2.2023 Brand Brothers brand brothers


Closd, a startup created by former lawyers in 2017, has set itself the mission of digitizing legal transactions from A to Z, as the founders have repeatedly experienced constraints in transactional processes during their past careers. Thus, around 4 main functions (project management, data room, electronic signature and secure archiving), Closd offers a fluid, intuitive and totally transformed experience for their 300 customers, representing more than 80,000 users (law firms, legal departments, investment banks, accountants, investment funds…).


Following the acquisition of Closd by LexisNexis, Brand Brothers was commissioned to completely rethink the company’s graphic identity. Based on an in-house lettering, a graphic play occurs around the S, symbolizing the data flow, which offers a visual representation of the brand name, while bringing rhythm and movement to the typographic block.


The visual system extends the idea of flow and transmission of information, using tubes with gradient colors that follow free and dynamic forms. The whole is propagated on print and digital applications: campaigns, new website, with an adaptation of the new visual territory on the platform used daily by thousands of customers.