18.9.2023 Fcklck Studio


Stolp is a Belgian start-up founded in 2020, with a mission to gain back control over our digital habits. Mindless scrolling is the norm, and people find it increasingly difficult to switch off and disconnect from their smartphones. Stolp saw an opportunity here – by combining the psychology of habit-building with a sleek product design to create healthier daily rituals.


Stolp came to us to give the identity a refresh, and formulate a long-term brand and communications strategy. Before the rebrand, the communication focus had been on driving awareness of phone usage and its negative impact on society. However – much like smoking, people already know it’s bad, the question is, how do you break ingrained habits when willpower isn’t enough?


Our first job was defining a new way of communicating. Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of too much screen time, we focused on the positive outcomes less screen time could have. This became the new brand line: Less pings + rings = more time for other things. So rather than a focus on “Less screen time”, we allow customers to decide what ‘other things’ they want to create time for – family, friends or creative endeavours.


Across both communication and design, we approached this brief with a ‘wayfinding’ mindset – where Stolp helps people navigate and find calm within a world filled with overstimulation and interruption.