1.1.2022 with you

Index Exchange: Branding the future of ad tech.

Index Exchange has played a leading role in revolutionising programmatic advertising around the globe. The business required an evolution of their brand to help best position them for a bright future ahead. With a new mission, new audiences, and a renewed focus. This is the new Index.


Together with our partner studio in London, Egg, we rallied around Index’s new mission “To accelerate the ad technology evolution.” Key insights surfaced from our own research that centred around Index’s commitment to grow their business, and the industry, for the better. We established key themes of positive momentum, growth, and innovation through collaboration. Through design, strategy, and language we developed a brand built for an optimistic and future-facing marketplace.


The evolution of the logoform is stacked, refined, and pared back. It speaks to the sentiment of humility and utilitarian design. We pay homage to Index’s heritage by reworking the original Index squares to an arrow mark that signifies the global tech player’s commitment to move the industry forward.


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