15.9.2022 Kurppa Hosk

Alleima – Forged from the past. Engineered for the future.

Sandvik Materials Technology (SMT) was once part of the parent company and brand Sandvik. When the decision was made to establish it as a separate entity, it sparked a three-year-long strategic and creative partnership with Kurppa Hosk to devise, design and deliver an entirely new global brand. A brand fit to carry the organisation firmly into the future, and a new platform to advance employees, clients, partners and investors, together.


In arguably the most closely watched rebrand in Swedish industrial history, SMT is now officially Alleima.  A new, clear strategic direction positions the brand as a technology leader, progressive customer partner and sustainability driver. 


A new name is inspired by the brand’s metallurgy core. And the new identity looks simultaneously to the past with respect, and the future with ambition. “Creating a brand of this scale is an epic undertaking, made possible and truly enjoyable by collaborating with Kurppa Hosk” says Elja Nordlöf, Executive Vice President & Head of Communications at Alleima.


Synonymous with the region and completely integral to the Sandviken community, the original SMT was an organisation entirely shaped by its 160-year heritage. And from that rich history, we created the new brand, Alleima. A brand forged from the past yet engineered for the future. At Alleima, past fuses with present. Epic scale operations sit alongside precise engineering. Raging furnaces fiercely smelt the metal for exquisitely intricate appliances. These dualities play a powerful role in defining the new brand. 

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