18.5.2013 Duffy and Partners

Mall of America® Revitalizes Brand with Launch of New Identity.

Always fresh. Always exciting. Always new. This is Mall of America®, as reflected in the new logo making its debut today. Twenty years young, the nation's largest retail and entertainment destination is thoughtfully using design to convey its wealth of unforgettable, dynamic, vibrant experiences, enjoyed by guests from around the world.


"Mall of America is never static," said Maureen Bausch, Mall of America executive vice president of business development. "We are always new, constantly changing to offer the latest, hottest and most memorable experiences for our guests. Therefore, we are moving away from a static logo and incorporating a dynamic colorful design, making use of innovative digital media. The new logo reflects our 20 years of evolution, while paving the way for all of the fresh, exciting, new plans for Mall of America."


Mall of America partnered with Duffy & Partners to develop a new iconic image. Duffy & Partners is a Minneapolis design firm, recognized nationally and internationally for excellence in design. The creative process recognized the equity found in the star of the original logo and transformed it into the dynamic new star made of vibrant colored ribbons. The ribbons depict the multitude of the always fresh, exciting and new experiences at Mall of America which is the magic of the brand.


"The power of design is realized when a business challenge is solved. For Mall of America, we knew we had to harness the dynamism of their unique experience, the equity found in their American ingenuity and embrace all the 'new' that is their DNA. This dynamic identity system is a direct reflection of their invitation to the world to experience America's leading retail and entertainment destination," said Joe Duffy, founder and creative director at Duffy & Partners.


The new logo is designed to interactively utilize colors for a dynamic representation of the heart of Mall of America. Pink for Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, silver and gold for the holiday season and red, white and blue for Independence Day are just some of the colorful interpretations guests can anticipate.


As an animation, flowing ribbons of color streak across the screen to create the "star" shape. These ribbons are designed to be a nod to the ribbons of the retired Mall of America logo. The fluid motion of the ribbons represents the Mall's constant change and innovation, while the ribbons themselves are more literally interpreted as a representation of shopping and gift-giving.


Accompanying the new logo is a new tagline, "Always New." While maintaining the status of "The Place for Fun," Mall of America constantly introduces new retailers, exhibits, rides and events. More than 20 new stores opened their doors in 2012 and similar numbers are expected to be reached in 2013. In the past five years, Mall of America has spent more than $25 million in renovations and upgrades, all in the pursuit of treating guests to the ultimate shopping experience.


The vibrant new "star" logo will appear on everything from billboards to business cards, gift cards to garbage cans. Mall employees will receive new brightly colored uniforms, helping guests easily identify Mall staff. Mall gift shops will be stocked with updated apparel, accessories and merchandise to show off the new logo in style as well.