3.4.2008 Dinamo Design

From Aker Kvaerner to Aker Solutions - launch of new brand identity

Today, Aker Kvaerner, a global provider to the process and energy industries, has changed its name to Aker Solutions. At the same time it launched its new logo and visual profile.


The announcement followed the last ever Aker Kvaerner Annual General Meeting. President & CEO, Simen Lieungh, unveiled the brand identity among shareholders and invited guests as well as to stakeholders worldwide via webcast.


"From today we are Aker Solutions. Our new icon and new name symbolise clarity, innovation and the drive to move forward. They honour the commitment and skill of our people, who deliver expertly engineered solutions to our customers day after day." 


Why the name change? Why Aker Solutions?

For over 150 years, Aker Kvaerner has delivered solutions for some of the world's most complex engineering and construction challenges. "The name Aker Solutions represents a simplification and strengthening of our corporate identity and outlines our offering of comprehensive industrial solutions. It identifies our connection with Aker, a large industrial group with operations in industries and sectors with which we are engaged. It communicates the long term committed ownership of Aker, our synergies with other Aker companies and between our business units and business areas. 


We believe our new name further strengthens our potential as a company and brands our commitment to providing value adding solutions - our primary deliverable - to our customers," says Lieungh 


About the Logo

Aker Solutions' logotype communicates clarity. Logical and structured, it embodies depth and suggests focus. Its precise form maintains a tie to Aker Kvaerner's industrial heritage while invoking movement and suggesting new directions for the future. 


It is also about innovation and drive. The bold 'Aker' in the wordmark builds a stable foundation, creating the freedom for innovation that delivers 'Solutions' in a lighter typeface, exemplifying new thinking, energy and agility. The petroleum blue and steely grey evoke a professional attitude, while the bright orange accents a fresh, dynamic palette. 


The transition

All-employee meetings are taking place at Aker Solutions' locations in more than 30 countries worldwide to introduce the new brand identity. Suppliers and customers are being notified and the brand can already be seen across our operations. 


"In a process like this, many things change - but our values, our strategy and our commitment to our customers remain the same," concluded Lieungh. 


Aker Solutions' new graphical profile has been developed by Oslo-based Dinamo Design.