Branche: Design
Agentur: The Bakery

United Notions Exhibition 2016.

We continued our work with United Notions in 2016 going to some more exotic places like Peru, South Africa, Chile & Iceland to name a few. We mixed established agencies like Studio Dumbar, Stochholm Design Lab & Dia with up and coming ones to make the mix more exciting. By choosing the less traveled routes & destinations we wanted to show how graphic design is spreading across cultures & how global modernist trends influence or clash with local traditions.

Once again the project resulted in a collaborative show: 40 posters from 20 studios, explaining simple and complex things through type, illustration, form and colour. This time we also focused on showing the public how studios work by having talks & workshops from Dia, Neue, Studio Dumbar, Stockholm Design Lab, Studio 2×2, Ortner Schinko, Studio A3.

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