2.11.2011 Red Antler

Brand identity and website for CoRise

Challenge Create a brand identity and website for CoRise, a new merchant bank specializing in transactional media. Backround CoRise offers a new approach to merchant banking, delivering specialized industry expertise combined with broad capital markets knowledge. With its focus on emerging technologies, CoRise needed a brand that feels both established and forward thinking.


Our Approach

We set out to create a brand for CoRise that would stand out as new and noteworthy in the banking sector, while still conveying trust and legitimacy. The CoRise logo carries the core values of the brand. The mark was created to give a sturdy impression, paired with the upward motion of the horizontal line to portray growth and progress. It speaks to certainty in uncertain times. We also built a secondary language from an unexpected suite of symbols chosen to represent a carefully selected set of pillars: Stability, Precision and Growth. Through applications, these symbols create a flexible system that demonstrates CoRise's versatility. On the web, we layered the symbols over architectural imagery to bring additional dimension to the story. Overall the CoRise brand merges the steady with the new, expertise meets innovation.