5.2.201 Gretel

CBS: In the Blink of an Eye.

CBS is a global multi-platform media company that creates and distributes some of the most-viewed news, sports and entertainment content in the world. Founded in 1928, CBS has created some of the most beloved programs and iconic characters in television history. The company’s operations span virtually every field of media and entertainment, including cable, publishing, local TV and digital.


The objective was to unify the CBS brand top-to-bottom—content, business units and products—while evolving the brand identity to feel fresh, relevant and meaningful to a wide range of viewers. This meant working cross-functionally with several different teams and businesses within CBS to assess, establish and implement a unified brand and design strategy.


William Golden created the Eye in 1951 using only circles yet the positive and negative shapes within the mark can be seen many ways. We drew our inspiration from this and deconstructed the mark into distinct elements as building blocks of our design system.


The core behavior is like a big bang: a burst of energy that expands out, then collapses back into the CBS Eye. This behavior spans across content—from news to sports, drama to sitcoms. Even in static form the movement is intuited; it’s a brand marker on-platform and off.


Paired with a five beat sonic signature based on the original „This is CBS”,  the burst becomes an unmistakable brand mnemonic.


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Quelle: gretelny.com