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New Channel Identity for ORF 1.

ORF1 (former FS1) has been Austrias Nr. 1 TV channel since 1961. The mission of ORF 1 is simple: Broadcasting quality TV content for everyone. It was time for a new and confident take on a television identity based on new values and a clear vision. The main design principles are courage, clarity, versatility and zeitgeist.


ORF 1 has been accompanying Austria for decades. Hardly any brand in Austria is more versatile than ORF 1. The channel offers span from humour, entertainment, series, information, live sport events, children program to movies and Hollywood blockbusters. The channel struggled to unify the vast content under one wholistic brand and needed a flexible design system which is both functional and emotional.


ORF 1’s new channel identity is the result of a sharp positioning phase and a brand promise for the future: Confident, clear and modern.


The biggest challenge – but also chances – for ORF 1 lie in the diversity of the program. This applies especially to the on-air design, but also on all other channels. The new design reflects exactly this diversity and offers orientation: the strong new 1-symbol, bespoke typeface and the animation concept provide the solid core of the identity. An elaborated color concept makes the extensive program offer more visible and provides a recognition feature for the audience.


The 1
A radical change on the logo was the major step to expressing the brands brave and straightforward mindset.


The number 1 is the channel’s new symbol. It is clear, concise and confident. It has an architectural approach and is constructed of 4 simply stacked squares. It completes the iconic ORF-brick in the logo, but also works independently as strong and uncompromising key visual.


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