19.9.2019 Moving Brands


Based at Glasgow University, Cronin — named after Professor Lee Cronin — has succeeded in digitising chemistry. Its DigitalGlassware allows experiments to be performed and recorded, with the results uploaded to a shared cloud, freeing chemists to capture, record and discover together, in real time and on a global scale. Moving Brands was invited by this start-up that makes chemistry recordable, reproducible and shareable. We defined a strategy, created a living identity (including a bespoke typeface with generative expressions which reflect the three states of matter in chemistry – liquid, solid and gas), as well as building a website and designing product packaging.


The result of an intensive immersion week in Glasgow was our realisation that Cronin’s unique proposition gave the company the potential to define its own category, rather than behaving like any other chemistry brand. We began by giving the company a distinct name that speaks to chemistry at its essential, molecular level — deepmatter.


The brand story captures how deepmatter’s digital tools liberate chemists from the workbench, freeing them to focus on what is most exciting, most valuable — pushing the boundaries of knowledge.


The proposition — the fastest path to discovery — is a simple, bold promise to companies, teams and individuals. It conveys concisely all the benefits that deepmatter brings: accelerated growth, increased accuracy, better collaboration and greater freedom to focus on what is exciting. We encapsulated deepmatter’s distinct behaviour as intrepid, intelligent and inclusive.


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